Updates to Housing Policies

Accessory Dwelling Units

The Town recently streamlined and simplified its Accessory Dwelling Unit (“ADU”) ordinances.  It is hoped that the new guidelines will encourage the development of ADUs in both existing houses and in new developments.  The Town believes that ADUs can help with our current workforce housing shortage while, at the same time, helping homeowners bring in extra income.
Accessory Dwelling Units are rental units that are subordinate to a larger dwelling unit. (i.e. mother-in-law apartments, carriage houses, basement apartments, etc.).   Under the new ordinances, ADUs are permitted with any detached single-family home and with most commercial units.  (HOA rules may still limit your right to build an ADU).  The Town does require that all ADUs include a full bathroom and a kitchen.
In order to make the construction of ADUs economically attractive, the Town will allow homeowners to rent their units on a nightly basis for up to six months out of any calendar year.  For the remainder of the year, the ADU must be rented long-term to a member of the local workforce.  The Town also has established a fund to help homeowners with the construction of ADUs.
If you are interested in constructing an ADU in your house, please contact the Town planning department for more details.