To pay a Fraser Winter Park Combined Municipal Court Penalty Assessment or a payable Town of Fraser or Winter Park ordinances, please read the below information before proceeding to pay your citation.

You will need to specify whether the citation was issued for a violation that occurred in the Town of Fraser or Winter Park. (a box showing which town will be checked on the top front of the citation)

PAYMENTS FOR CITATIONS PAST THE 20 DAYS PAYMENT WINDOW WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If not paid within 20 days, the citation becomes a summons requiring your appearance in court at the date, time, and place shown on the front of the citation.

IF YOUR CITATION IS WRITTEN INTO THE GRAND COUNTY COURT IT CAN NOT BE PAID AT THIS SITE (see the instructions for paying the Grand County Courts on the back side of the citation)

Feel free to contact the Fraser Winter Park Combined Municipal Court at 970-722-7779 if you have any questions. 

Click here to begin the payment process