Occasionally, circumstances arise that lead to detours or delays in our schedule.  Whether it is construction, a special event, or an unforeseen circumstance, we want you to know about it. Below you will find information on detours, delays, stop closures, and other issues that may affect your route or stop.

Duration: 6/4/2018 - Unknown (projected 7-10 day construction project)
Details: Due to a road construction project, the Black Line will have a temporary stop located on US40 in from of the Fraser Valley Center (in front of Murdoch's).
Stops affected: CR72 at Elk Creek, Fraser Valley Center
Other routes affected: None

During inclement weather events, the bus may be delayed as roads can be slick and traffic is slow-moving. We appreciate your patience. Download the RideHop app to get the real-time location of your bus!

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