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The Town of Winter Park is updating its 2006 Town Plan (Master Plan).  This is where you will find information about the update process, including upcoming events and how you and your neighbors can be involved and help shape the future of Winter Park.

A final draft of the updated Town Plan is ready for community review! See the full plan and executive summary.

What is a Town Plan?

The Town Plan is a policy document that helps town staff and elected officials make decisions on land use development and redevelopment, public services and facilities, and economic development. Developers also use it to understand how the town envisions its future and how their project might contribute to that vision.

It establishes a common vision for the Town’s future for:
  • Our Character & Culture
  • Our Global & Local Connectivity
  • Our World-Class Outdoor Recreation
  • Our Healthy & Thriving Environment

Review the community-driven Vision and Principles here

Ultimately, the Town Plan sets out a framework, that once implemented, will maintain Winter Park as a great place to live, work, play and learn.  This is achieved through a series of goals and policies that are implemented by “short-term” (usually 1-2 years); “mid-term” (2-5 years); and “long term” (5+ years) actions.  These actions are usually performed by the Town and potentially other partners in the community.

The Town Plan is updated through a public process.  This means that the residents, property owners, and businesses of Winter Park will have many opportunities to weigh in on the issues they see as critical to the Town, the opportunities that should be pursued, and the challenges that can be overcome. 

The Town Plan Update is spearheaded by the Community Development Department. A Steering Committee has been formed of local citizens, members of local boards and commissions, and town department staff.  The Steering Committee is responsible for reviewing project materials and managing the progress of the update process. 

Schedule & Events

Task 1: Foundation (May - August 2017)
The Town hosted a public open house on Tuesday, Sept. 19 to collect input on the community's vision and identify opportunities throughout Winter Park that contribute to the Town's goals. An online questionnaire also collected responses. Review the summary

Task 2: Vision, Opportunities + Framework (August - November 2017)
The vision, developed through a series of community conversations, represents the aspirational outlook of Winter Park’s land use development and redevelopment, public services and facilities, and economic development. Building on what was heard from the public, stakeholders, and staff the vision document will help guide the creation of the Town Plan Update. Review the Vision Document

Task 3: Choices + Implementation (December 2017 - April 2018)

The Winter Park community has told us what they love or would improve about Winter Park, and helped create a vision with four key themes for the future. Residents were able to participate in a public workshop to:

  • Review the community’s vision and guiding principles
  • Learn about potential opportunities and projects for the Town
  • Share your feedback in an interactive round-table discussion with fellow community members
See the workshop summaryworkshop presentation & display boards

Task 4: Plan Development + Approval (April - Fall 2018)

The Town hosted a public open house on September 25, 2018 to collect feedback on the final draft of the Town Plan.  Review the presentation, display boards and summary board.

Task 5: Adoption 

The Planning Commission will review the final draft on December 11, 2018 at 8:00 am.

The Town Council will review the final draft on December 18, 2018 at 8:00 am.            

Contact Us and Stay Connected

Do you have questions? Do you want to receive updates and event announcements?

Send your request to:

James Shockey, AICP
Community Development Director

Town of Winter Park


Megan Moore, ASLA, Assoc. AIA

Project Consultant

Logan Simpson


The Plan Update will coordinate with other plans of the Town of Winter Park, so that all of the plans in the Town are mutually supportive and consistent with one another. These plans include: