Housing Projects

Hideaway Junction

The Hideaway Junction Project (located at the corner of Lion's Gate Drive and King's Crossing) currently comprises ten two- and three-bedroom single family residences that are deed restricted in order to maintain affordability and availability for the Winter Park workforce. These units are privately owned and are all currently occupied. Occasionally, one or more of these units may come back on the market.

Phase 2 of the project is being developed and will include building approximately 40 new single-family homes.
If you would like to be notified when a new or existing unit comes on the market, please make sure that you have submitted an application for the Attainable Housing Waitlist.

If you would like more information about Hideaway Junction, or any of the other housing projects being planned by the Town, please contact James Shockey at jshockey@wpgov.com.

Hideaway Place Apartments

The Town owns the Hideaway Place Apartments (located at 200 Baker Drive behind the Fireside Market & Eatery) in order to provide quality workforce housing. The thirty-eight (38) one and two bedroom units are currently fully rented. As units become available, they will be published to people on the Housing Waitlist.

Upcoming Projects

The Town of Winter Park owns several pieces of property that are earmarked for attainable housing development in the future. The Town is also actively working with developers and private property owners to insure that we have an adequate supply of attainable housing to meet all of our needs across all of our demographics. This space will be updated as information about new or proposed projects is made available.

Housing Applications

If you are interested in applying for a unit in one of these attainable housing complexes, please fill out the application for the Waitlist for Attainable Housing. All applicants must abide by the Housing Selection Guidelines and Processes, the Rules and Policies for the Hideaway Place Apartments