Routes & Schedules

As of November 14th, 2016 our Winter service is underway. You can find links to detailed route timetables below the map.  Our Schedule Calendar is a helpful guide to let you know which schedules we are operating for each day through the winter season. Click here for a hi-resolution map. Download our RideHop app for real-time location of busses, or scroll down to view detailed timetables.


Wondering when we operate our Weekday, Weekend & Holiday Schedules?  View our Schedule Calendar right here.

View Bus Timetables Here:

Fraser/Black Line
Rec Center/Red Line

Hi Country Haus/Blue Line (Weekday Schedule)
Hi Country Haus/Blue Line (Weekend & Holiday Schedule)

Fraser Cirque/Purple Line (Weekday Schedule)
Fraser Cirque Express/Purple Line (Weekend & Holiday Schedule)

Beaver Village/Yellow Line (Weekday Schedule)
Beaver Village/Yellow Line (Weekend & Holiday Schedule)

Kings Crossing/Orange Line (Weekday Schedule)
Kings Crossing/Orange Line (Weekend & Holiday Schedule)

Vasquez/Brown Line (Weekday Schedule)
Vasquez/Brown Line (Weekend & Holiday Schedule)

Granby Schedule

15-Minute Winter Park Resort Circulator Routes
(These routes operate continuously, but have no fixed schedule)

 - Green Line (7:30am - 5:30pm)
 - Mary Jane Shuttle (7:40am - 5:30pm)

Ride the Black Line or call 970.726.4163 for our Night Lift On-Call service.