Call 970-726-8081, ext. 5 for questions about building in the Town of Granby.

If you're planning to do any excavating, cutting, trenching or opening in or under any street, sidewalk, curb, gutter, curbwalk, alley or public place?

For Town Excavation Permits, contact Assistant Finance Director Cindy Seader at 970-887-2501, ext. 200 or email.

For Sign Permits: Contact Town Clerk Deb Hess at (970) 887-2501 Ext. 201.

For Grand Elk Permits: Contact Grand Elk Homeowners Association - Alex Kale, 970-887-4912.

For Granby Ranch Permits: Contact Headwaters Metro District - Lance Badger, vice President of Development at 970-887-5205 or

Granby Sanitation District 970-887-2052

Grand Fire Protection #1 970-887-3380 or

Inspection Requests

Call 970-726-8081, ext. 620 by 4 p.m. for an inspection the next day. Have the following information ready when making your request:

  • Permit Number
  • Type(s) of Inspection Needed
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